Finding your images on Pinterest and Tumblr

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If you post images anywhere online you might wonder which one of your images are more popular and which ones are more shared or bookmarked. Two of the most common image sharing/reblogging/pinning/bookmarking sites are Pinterest and Tumblr.

Pinterest has a good way to find public pins from a single source. All you need to do is to add /SOURCE/SOURCE_URL after PINTEREST.COM where SOURCE_URL is the address of your website. Here’s an example that shows public pins that were from my site:

Tumblr doesn’t have a convenient way for searching reblogs from a single source (or at least I haven’t found one). It allows to search for tags, and only one tag at a time. Here’s the example for finding tumblr posts taken from topleftpixel:

If you know of more tips please share them in the comments.


(1) Comment

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How do you feel when you find your photos in another sites without any captions about photographer or a link to your sites? And what do you do?

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