Macro Snowflakes

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Shooting snowflakes are fun but can be challenging. For these shots I used a Panasonic GH3 and a Lumix 100-300mm lens with an old manual 50mm lens attached to it in reverse (face to face using a macro coupler ring). For light I used a small LED light source. The setup looked like this:
To properly see and photograph snowflakes, they need to be lit from a specific angle. I moved the light source around to get the effect I like while triggering the shutter with a remote.

As shown in this video, a very small change in the angle of light will have a dramatic effect.

(4) comments

Stephen DesRoches
10 years ago · Reply

I’ve seen a few photographers creating these highly detailed macro images of snowflakes – I need to bump up the priority on trying this myself.

10 years ago · Reply

wow! very cool!!!!!! I was wondering how that was done …. love the video

10 years ago · Reply

The molecular shape snow is very beautiful, it really is a natural beauty. Thank for photo and video

9 years ago · Reply

Thank you for the picture above. it really is a natural beauty, it was really great, I look forward to reading and looking at the printed saw many good things from you more.

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