A Decade’s Dose of Imagery

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A Decade's Dose of Imagery

I have an upcoming show starting this Monday, March 24th that runs through April 27th. Spacing Magazine is presenting A Decade’s Dose of Imagery, and is hosted by Urbanspace Gallery. The exhibition features a small collection of photos from the ddoi archive, plus a big wall of all the photos from the 10 years in small thumbnails. Check it out if you’re in town.

(1) Comment

8 years ago · Reply

You’ve inspired me with ddoi. I remember stumbling across you blog back on 2007 and have been here since until the end. It was a sad for me when you retired the project. I’m usually the type of a person that does not comment much on anything but just wanted you to know that your work is very good and inspiring. I’ve decided to start my own version of ddoi and want to keep your legacy going.
Thank you for all you do.

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